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by Pronay Ghosh and Hiren Rupchandani

  • The fundamentals of Amazon A2I were discussed in the previous article.
  • Some machine learning applications necessitate human supervision, as we discovered.
  • This is done to ensure the accuracy of sensitive data, to give ongoing improvements, and to retrain models with new predictions.
  • In these situations, however, one is often compelled to choose between a machine learning-only or a human-only solution.
  • Machine learning technologies are being integrated into the workflow of companies who want the best of both worlds.
  • They do, however, wish to keep an eye on the results to assure the requisite precision.
  • However, Amazon Augmented AI, also known as Amazon A2I, has your back in this scenario.
  • In this article, we will know about how does Amazon A2I works, its prime features, and its pricing.

The working of Amazon A2I

  • Data in any format such as structured or unstructured data is fed to the customed AI services of Amazon such as Amazon Sagemaker.
  • After that models are made as per standard protocol and they are deployed into the end-server.
  • Then, the working of Amazon Augmented AI comes into the picture.
  • It takes the inputs from the end-user and then it predicts with the machine learning model which is already deployed into the server.
  • This task returns a confidence score whose threshold has been already set by the backend team.
  • Now for the predictions with higher confidence from the threshold, the A2I service passes it to the client application for model retraining.
  • However, for the predictions with lower confidence scores from the threshold A2I send it for manual validation.
  • The manual team validates the prediction and then again, this data point is sent to the client application for retraining.
  • This ensures a better model performance depending upon the metrics that have been set by the Data Scientist who has developed the model.

Amazon Augmented AI features

1. Integration is simple:

  • One can construct human review workflows for a use case with just a few clicks in the Amazon A2I dashboard.
  • One may also use the Amazon A2I API to incorporate your processes into custom models created with Amazon SageMaker.

2. Working Flexibility:

  • Flexibility in working with critics both inside and outside your company
    For human reviewers, Amazon A2I provides numerous options.
  • For in-house review projects, one can use your private team of reviewers.
  • Especially if one is dealing with sensitive data that needs to stay within your firm one can consider this.
  • If one needs a large number of reviewers and the data isn’t secret or personal, Amazon Mechanical Turk can provide a 24x7 workforce.
  • This workforce can be over 500,000 independent workers from across the world.

3. For reviewers, simple instructions are provided.

  • To maintain consistency, one can use Amazon A2I to provide instructional direction to human reviewers.
  • Reviewers can access these extensive instructions through their review portal.
  • One can change these instructions at any moment, making it simple to add additional detail to jobs.
  • Here reviewers do not frequently make mistakes or adapt to changing needs.

4. Workflows to make the human review process go faster:

  • Built-in workflows in Amazon A2I route predictions to reviewers and guide them through their tasks step by step.
  • Depending on the procedure, a confidence threshold or a random sampling % can be used to send predictions to reviewers.
  • If you set a confidence threshold, the procedure only sends predictions that fall below it to be reviewed by humans.
  • You can change these thresholds at any moment to find the best mix of precision and cost-effectiveness.
  • If you choose a sampling percentage, the procedure sends a random sample of the predictions to be reviewed by humans.
  • This can assist you in doing model audits to ensure that the model’s accuracy is routinely monitored.
  • Reviewers can also access an online interface that has all of the instructions and resources they need to fulfill their tasks.
  • Text extraction and image moderation operations are already embedded into Amazon A2I.

5. Multiple reviews will help you get better results:

  • Multiple workers might be used in reviews to raise the level of confidence in the results.
  • One can define the number of employees per review when creating an Amazon A2I workflow, and Amazon A2I will route each review to that many reviewers.

Amazon’s A2I-assisted pricing

  • Humans and machine learning models can collaborate to improve the speed and accuracy of machine learning (ML) models using Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I).
  • When a human review is needed, Amazon A2I leads a human reviewer step-by-step in a procedure called a workflow.
  • These workflows can be used by Amazon Mechanical Turk workers, your personnel, or third-party companies to provide labels.
  • One pays for each item that has been examined by a human (which can be an image, an audio recording, a section of the text, etc).
  • One pays an extra fee per human evaluated object if you utilize an AWS Marketplace Vendor or Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • There is no additional fee per reviewed object if one is utilizing their own workers to do reviews.
  • One can have a brief overview of the Amazon A2I pricing with Amazon Rekognition with the below image
  • Apart from that if one wants to have a clear overview of the pricing then please do check here.


  • So far in this article, we covered a high-level overview of the working principle and pricing of Amazon Augmented AI.
  • In the next article, we will learn about Amazon Lex which is a fun AI-based chatbot development service offered by AWS.

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