Introduction to Amazon Augmented AI (A2I)- A Bird View

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5 min readMar 9, 2022


by Pronay Ghosh and Hiren Rupchandani

  • In the previous article, we learned how to build, train and deploy a machine learning model using Amazon Sagemaker.
  • Human oversight is required for some machine learning applications.
  • This is done in order to verify the accuracy of sensitive data, provide continual improvements, and retrain models with updated predictions.
  • However, one is frequently forced to pick between a machine learning-only or a human-only solution in these cases.
  • Companies want the best of both worlds which are incorporating machine learning technologies into their workflow.
  • However, they also want to maintain a human eye on the outcomes to ensure the precision required.
  • But in this case, Amazon has got your back with the help of Amazon Augmented AI or also known as Amazon A2I.

What is Amazon A2I?

  • Amazon Augmented AI is a machine learning tool that enables creating procedures for human review simple.
  • Whether it runs on AWS or not, Amazon A2I delivers human review to all developers, removing the undifferentiated heavy lifting.
  • This is involved with designing human review systems or managing big groups of human reviewers.

Use of A2I for ML workflow:

  • Amazon A2I is integrated to provide a human review for any machine learning workflow.
  • A few common workflows would include Amazon Rekognition image or content moderation.
  • Apart from that, tag translations and Amazon Transcribe review transcriptions from videos or social media use Amazon A2I extensively.
  • Next, Amazon Comprehend sentiment analysis and key phrase extraction are also used for manual cross-validation through A2I.
  • One can easily integrate human evaluation of machine learning predictions by combining Amazon A2I with other AI services.
  • Amazon A2I can be easily integrated with services like Amazon SageMaker or Amazon Fraud Detector.

Some Popular Use Cases of Amazon A2I

  • With the need for humanized cross-validation A2I is being extensively used in many verticals in the marketplace.
  • A few of the common domains where Amazon A2I is effective are as follows:

The use cases are not only limited to the below-mentioned industries.


  • Medical insurance claims, intake forms, prescriptions, and a variety of other healthcare documents include essential data.
  • These data must be collected swiftly and precisely.
  • One can now process documents, extract data files, and have a human review the critical data using Amazon A2I.
  • This saves time and money by allowing a human to analyze any nuanced or sensitive data or audit predictions on an ongoing basis.


  • Millions of data points must be processed and retrieved swiftly and effectively in loan or tax forms, and many other financial papers.
  • One can extract crucial data from these forms using Amazon Textract and Amazon A2I.
  • After that one can have a human review the output using Amazon Textract and Amazon A2I.
  • DealNet Capital processes its financial forms with Amazon Textract and Amazon A2I.
  • This has proved to cut the time spent manually analyzing papers by up to 80%.

Benefits of using Amazon Augmented AI as a Service:

  • The following are the benefits that one can face while using Amazon Augmented AI as a service.

1. Human review of ML predictions is simple to implement:

  • Amazon A2I allows you the freedom to include human evaluation into machine learning applications based on your needs.
  • Humans are handed low-confidence forecasts to analyze and act on.
  • You can even require numerous reviewers to assess a forecast in order to obtain consensus if necessary.
  • Additionally, you can audit models by randomly sampling predictions for human review.
  • Hence, one can assess whether the model is still doing well on a regular basis.
  • Amazon A2I enables humans and machines to focus on their strengths.

2. Human oversight integrated into each application:

  • With no machine learning skills necessary, Amazon A2I makes it simple to incorporate human oversight into your machine learning operations.
  • There’s no need to choose between an all-human review system and one that uses only machine learning.
  • Amazon A2I combines machine learning and humans to give automation while keeping a human eye on the outcomes to ensure correctness.
  • Amazon A2I makes it simple to integrate human judgment and AI into any machine learning application, whether it’s built on AWS or not.

3. Faster time to market:

  • Choosing between ML and humans performing manual processes can mean the difference between getting to market today versus months later.
  • By incorporating Amazon A2I into your workflow, you can not only get your machine learning to market faster.
  • But you can also update and retrain your models over time.
  • Your workflows might evolve as your business needs change.
  • Amazon A2I can help you enhance your models over time, no matter where you are on your machine learning journey.


  • So far in this article, we covered a high-level overview of what is Amazon Augmented AI.
  • In the next article, we will learn in-depth about the architecture and how Amazon Augmented AI actually works.

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