Why Global Certificate in Data Science? Part-I

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2 min readSep 23, 2018


With the increase in volumes of data over the last couple of years and more and more organizations realizing the value of Data collection, we are at a very interesting juncture where we can unleash tremendous possibilities from the power of this data.

Today from product recommendations to diagnosing diseases Data Science is being used in multiple ways and ways that is impact every industry.

What this demands, increasingly more given that more and more organizations start moving from becoming Data deficient to Data rich, is that ability to analyse data and make predictions using this Data.

But for this to be possible, we’ll need talent that has three skillsets

  1. Strong problem solving skills
  2. Strong command over Tools and techniques used in Data Science
  3. Exposure into how Data Science and Machine Learning can solve myriad problems

More importantly, we’ll need people who are motivated to solve real world problems and make their organizations, businesses and countries more efficient and better through predictive systems.

It is with this vision that INSAID launched the Global Certificate in Data Science.

INSAID’s mission is to produce Data leaders of tomorrow who can not only go on to become great Data Scientists but have the right exposure and mindset to be at the forefront of this Data revolution.

What makes GCD program a quantum leap forward in Data Science education is that it combines both the breadth and depth required to become a Data Science & Machine Learning expert.

Take for example, GCD program’s Project based Learning architecture. What has been missing from most Data Science programs is that they lack the applied aspect of Data Science & Machine Learning.

Knowing theory is one thing and applying that in real world is an altogether different ball game and this is what make the GCD program unique. Each term in GCD has a Term Project where you implement all that you learnt in a particular term in the Term Project.

But where the GCD program really shines is through its Capstone Project where as a student you work on an end-to-end product or solution powered by Data Science & Machine Learning and you put that product or solution in real production environment

The second aspect of the GCD program is the World Class Faculty. Each faculty in the GCD program has at least a Master’s degree and is not only an expert in his field but also knows how to articulate a topic in a way that you’ll understand easily. Watch this video to understand what makes the GCD faculty truly world class

Those were two of the reasons among many where the GCD program really shines. In another post we’ll cover some more hidden aspects of the GCD program that many don’t know about.

Let us know in comment section your thoughts on the GCD program.



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